Spicy Flavors

Spicy prepared - for a world of exciting taste sensations!

No matter where they come from, whether it’s our kitchen garden or from far off regions, herbs and spices add an extra dimension to our foods and create unique taste sensations. Like no other ingredient, they can make us travel around the world, capture our imagination or bring a pinch of the exotic to our dinner tables. And, when combined with fruits or vegetables, they offer a huge potential for endless taste innovations that can be used in different food applications.

Cream cheese spreads and exotic dips to accompany crackers, vegetables or a slice of bread are just one area where products containing herbs or spices have become very popular during the past few years: Shops and supermarkets are filled with dips and spreads that contain dried tomatoes, grilled paprika, curry, mango or garden vegetables, to mention just a few. The potential for new offerings that promise exciting multi-sensory experiences with natural ingredients is huge.

Take your products to another level! Based on a thorough understanding of natural ingredients and product applications, we have created a range of authentic spice preparations for use in food and beverage applications and the food service industry. With our range of more than 100 herbs and spices, combined with various fruits and vegetables, the potential to create great-tasting products is unlimited.

Choose from our wide variety of Spicy flavors that…

  • Spicy Flavors are perfectly tailored to your finished product
  • Spicy Flavors open up a new world of innovative taste sensations
  • Spicy Flavors are ready to use and easy to handle
  • Spicy Flavors contain the highest quality natural ingredients

Spice up your product!

With our comprehensive range of preservative-free Spicy Solutions, manufacturers can add a natural and unique multi-sensory experience to their foods: from dairy spreads and dips to mayonnaise, soups and sauces, ready-to-eat meals and even marinades.

It goes without saying that we only use the highest quality ingredients and raw materials to achieve outstanding taste profiles, many of which we cultivate ourselves. Of course, not every natural raw material can be used with all types of foods, so application expertise is one of the most important factors when it comes to formulating your new products. And that’s where Döhler’s natural ingredient and product application expertise plays a key role. We know all about the multi-sensory properties of our herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables and how they interact with each other. Based on this knowledge and experience, you can choose from our range of liquid, water-based spicy preparations, confident that they are easy to use and fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality and food safety.

Our solutions offer a high level of convenience and, depending on your product concept, every preparation parameter — such as salt or spice levels — will be adjusted to meet your specific needs to achieve a truly delicious innovation.

There’s almost no limit to how you can make use of our Spicy Solutions.

A wide range of product concepts can benefit from the exciting taste opportunities provided by our world of authentic fruit and vegetable ingredients, from sour cream-based dips and curd or cottage cheese spreads to pestos, soups, sauces and even salsas and chutneys. Positionings can range from creative, to pique consumer curiosity, to natural and authentic, but they will always be premium.

Experience some inspirational ideas to whet your appetite for new concepts: