Pineapple Flavors

The new generation of fresh, fruity and authentic pineapple flavors!

Fresh and fruity yet sweet and full-flavored at the same time – a taste profile popular among consumers of all ages, all over the world! That is why pineapple is one of the most popular flavors for fruity food and beverages.

However, what consumers expect from the taste of pineapple has evolved over the years. In the past, many consumers were chiefly familiar with this exotic fruit in its tinned form. Today, consumers have learned to appreciate the taste of this freshly-picked fruit: This is due to the fact that this fresh fruit is almost unlimited in supply and available at just about any time of the year, but also because of trips made to the pineapple's countries of origin.

Quality Flavors has now managed to crack the pineapple's “taste code”. Through the use of modern flavor technologies, Quality flavor experts have decoded the relevant flavor components and developed a unique range of pineapple flavors with an authentic taste.

Pure taste – the best pineapple flavors of all time!

The new pineapple flavor profiles of different varieties, growing areas and harvest times, as well as various nuances. With it, Quality Flavors not only allows its customers in the food and beverage industry to introduce the fresh taste of pineapple to their product, but also enables them to give their product its own unique character through the use of various taste nuances.