Food Colors

Quality Flavors Food Colors Solutions

The product associations triggered by a certain colour vary between different countries and target groups and also depend on the type of food or beverage. We automatically associate the color of a food or beverage with certain taste and product properties, but they can also stir our senses and emotions. Selecting the right colour allows the product positioning of food and beverages to be consciously controlled. In a successful product, the product promise, consumer associations and the product experience itself always fit together!

Quality Flavors the smarter choice for the Food Colors:

The Quality Flavors enables us to design the ideal color solution for our customers of the food & beverage industry that perfectly matches their product and the product positioning they want to achieve – even for completely new product innovations.

Finding the “perfect” Food color for your product!

Quality Flavors team has developed the Quality Food colors in order to address these essential issues. In an extensive, exemplary consumer study in China and Germany, consumers were asked about the color associations they make with soft drinks. The results obtained from the study help our customers to find the perfect natural colour that matches the desired product positioning, the product promise and ultimately the consumers' expectations.

The methodology developed can be applied to all segments of the food and beverage industry and tailored to meet the specific issues and requirements of our customers and their applications.

Quality Flavors provides you with a broad portfolio of premium-quality, Food colors as well as coloring concentrateswith optimal stability and outstanding multi-sensory properties.

But we deliver a lot more than just a color – we deliver tailored food color solutions that fulfil application-specific requirements while supporting the product positioning in the best possible way. That is why the consumers' senses and desires are the main focus when it comes to developing your individual product color.

Our expertise in coloring substances and our knowledge of how these substances will react when combined with other ingredients and how they will behave in various types of production process and packaging forms the basis for providing you with the optimum color solution for your product.

In short, we deliver the perfect color for your successful application, your market, your consumers and your product positioning.