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Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

Quality Flavors is an exclusive food ingredients manufacturer for the food industries at a reasonable price. The range extends from natural ingredients such as citrus flavors and caramel colors to a broad spectrum of options for low calories, all the way to suspension of basil seeds & chunks. Quality Flavors has also developed many products all the way to market maturity for its customers in the food and beverage industry

Quality Flavors offers its customers in the food and beverage industry a wide range of top quality ingredients, such as:

  • Food colors
  • Natural Sweetners
  • Cocoa Subtitute
  • Stabilizers
  • Preservations

Best food colors, with authentic stability!

Quality Flavors produces best food color, natural & synthetic for different food products. These colors are stable & glowing.

Sugar sweet taste without sugar!

Reduced-calorie and reduced-sugar are two of the most requirments for the world food industry. Quality Flavors offers a comprehensive portfolio of sweetening systems that both meets the specific requirements of the various applications and industries, and caters to the latest consumer desires. We manufecture natural sweetener's like stevia & we also produce highly intense sweeteners.

Cocoa Subtitute for chocolate taste!

The increasing demand for Cococa Subtitute products around the world is presenting the food and beverage industry with new opportunities and challenges. Through market research and trend spotting across the globe, Quality Flavors detected this trend in its early stages and has conducted intensive research on alternative of cocoa powder & we have successfully produce natural subtitute of cocoa powder. We provide both the food and beverage industries with application-specific, Cocoa Subtitutes that can be used as a specific flavor component and as natural ingredients for a variety of products.

Stabilizers & Emulsifiers!

Stabilizers & Emulsifiers are widely use in food & Beverage industry to make emulstions & to make products stable. Quality flavors pvt. Ltd. producing stabilizers & Emulsifiers for juices, Ice-creams & desserts. These are helpful in giving texture and body to food products.


Quality Flavors Pvt. Ltd. has extensive range of presertives for food products. e.g sodium benzoate prills & potasium solbate grenules. These are helpfull to preserve the food from harmful becteria & extaned the shelf life of food and bevrages.