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These are all in one ingredient systems for your food & beverage products

Choose the simplest, safest and most efficient route to production.

Our Pre-Mixe compounds save you this whole laborious process, giving you all the ingredients you need in a stable and standardised system. Rely on tailor-made product properties and the reassuring knowledge that your beverage or food will meet your consumers’ expectations today and every day.

What makes Quality Flavors Pre-Mixes the smarter choice for your products:

Simplified, convenient and reliable production processes

All the key components such as flavors, colors and ingredients in one system

Perfectly-coordinated formulations

Consistent, standardised quality in your products every time

Reduction of production errors

Resource-efficient processing

Use innovations from Quality Flavors &

Choose desired Pre-Mixes for your production.

Arrange all your ingredients from one source.

As a global producer of Flavors & Ingredients, we offer you all the components for your food and beverages from one source. Our Pre-Mixes are all-in-one ingredient systems having all the ingredients you need to make stable and highly standardised Product – from juice concentrates and Compound for carbonated soft drinks and flavors to perfect sweeteness.

Simplify your inventory management & logistics.

Storing raw materials is laborious, as it causes constant costs and checks, while your capital remains tied up. Pre-mixes from Quality Flavors save you expensive storage and unnecessary costs.

Rely on our Research & Development

As we have many years of experience and our research & development expertise in approximately every food and beverage sector, we know how individual ingredients act together in final application. This is why we can assure that our products will remain stable, Looks attractive and tasts refereshing till the end of shelf life.

Simplify your productions process effectively.

Our pre-mixes make the production process simple and easy that will result in less headache for production team and there outcome will increase . All of your raw material will use effectively. At the end of production you will see that all of raw material have consumed and nothing left.

Rely on quality control Procedures.

Strong Standards of quality control has been implemented in all steps of production, allowing us to supply you with the high-quality pre-mixes that you can use confidently.

Have faith in our market experience.

Close co-odination between Research & Development team from Quality Flavors and our Market Intelligence team, we have developed pre-mixes for many food and beverages for our customers and they have placed their final products effectively in the market. You can choose from our existing portfolio or we will be glad to support you in your next product innovation.

Enjoy cost effective solution.

Strong grip on supply chain, Bulk purchasing, Research & Innovation in formulations and Bird eye on globel raw material prices, allow us to provide you with our pre-mixes in best quality at lowest possible price.

Simple supply chain solutions.

We provide you with pre-mixes that are all in one solution and prepared as per your requirements of production plans and ready to apply in your production system. You receive the exact quantity you need – as a just-in-time delivery and drop-in solution.

Discover & Choose from,

Quality Flavors portfolio for Pre-Mixes.

Tailored all-in-one solutions.

Be it flavors, colors, sweetening or fruit juice concentrates, our pre-mixes contain all the ingredients you need for your ready-to-consume food and beverages – coordinated accurately and tailored to the particular taste preferences of your consumers.

We offer you compounds that contain all the vital ingredients for efficient, safe food and beverage production and simplified storage, carefully tailored to one another.

We supply compounds for:

  • flavored Water
  • fruit splashes
  • carbonated soft drinks
  • energy drinks
  • sports drinks
  • nutritional Drinks
  • syrups & squashes
  • tea, coffee & herb beverages
  • cereal & malt beverages
  • still drinks
  • juices & nectars
  • smoothies & snack drinks
  • non alcoholic beer
  • flavored milk
  • instant powder drinks

Emulsions give your beverage the desired cloudiness, color and taste. We are continuesly improving the development of innovative emulsion systems since inception. For example, we are experts in stable oil-in-water emulsions, while our portfolio also includes flavor, color, clouding and texturising emulsions, as well as all-in-one beverage emulsions for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

We supply emulsions for:

Juices »
Still drinks »
Carbonated softdrinks »
Instant powder drinks »

Our customer-specific sweet preparations are ideally tailored to your product and contain all ingredients that provide taste, color & texture. The preparation remains stable and ideally prepared for further processing throughout the shelf life. We prepared sweet preparations like chocolate & strawberry sauces.

We supply preparations for:

yoghurt »
desserts »
ice cream »
(non-freezing ripple sauces, coatings and toppings)
baked goods »
(heat-stable preparations)

Syrups contain all the ingredients a beverage needs – all you have to do is add water. This simple handling is ideally suited to the food service segment, as we supply your syrup in tailored packaging solutions for your applications – from 25 KG Jerrycans to Bulk 1000 KG tanks.

We supply syrups for:

  • carbonated soft drinks
  • still drinks
  • sports & nutritional drinks
  • energy drinks
  • reduced-sugar beverages
  • drinkable dairy products
  • desserts

Seasonigs & Spices give your products that special aroma & unique taste sensations. Based on our comprehensive knowledge of ingredients and product applications, we developed an extensive portfolio of seasonings and spicy preparations for snacks industry. Whether cheddar cheese, potato, corn seasonings – the ready-to-use preparations of spices, vegetables and fruits give every product exciting depth of flavor. Use the potential of these ready seasonings & spices for snacks.

We supply Seasonings & Spices for:

  • Sauces
  • Ketchup
  • Pizza sauces
  • Corn Curls
  • Potato snacks
  • chips
  • Nimko